The 12 Best Podcasts on Psychology and Human Behavior

The 12 Best Podcasts on Psychology and Human Behavior

Podcasts are great to listen to when you’re commuting, running or doing the dishes. You get to learn new things without having to pay too much attention. There are many podcasts out there, so which one should you listen to? If you are interested in human behavior and psychology like me, then try out these podcasts.


Hidden brain  ~40 min
Discusses unconscious patterns in human behavior. Uses amazing storytelling and is very pleasant to listen to.


Invisibilia  ~50 min
Beautiful storytelling about the invisible forces that control human behavior – ideas, beliefs, assumptions and emotions.


99% Invisible  ~30 min
A weekly exploration of the unnoticed design that shapes our world. 


Criminal  ~30 min
Interesting stories about crime and the people involved. Recommended for anyone interested in forensic psychology.


Very Bad Wizards  ~90 min
A psychologist and a philosopher ponder human morality.


You Are Not So Smart  ~40 min to 2 hours
Makes you realize how unaware humans actually are about their own behavior through interviews with researchers.


The Allusionist  ~30 min
Adventures in language. Why do we say the things we say? Recommended for anyone interested in (psycho)linguistics.


All in the mind  ~30 min
Explores the mental universe, the mind, brain and behaviour — everything from addiction to artificial intelligence


Psychcrunch  ~20 min
Short episodes on how psychology can be used in real life


The Psychology Podcast  ~50 min
Each episode, psychologist Scott Barry Kaufman and a guest stimulate your mind


Psychologia  ~20 min
Examines a dark part of human behavior through history and stories.


Art of Charm  ~60 min
Interviews with entrepreneurs, celebrities, authors, and experts on psychology, human performance, behavioral economics, and success.